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Calendar of Events


Upcoming Webinars & Calls


Click here to listen to Wichita Business Journal's latest BizTalk with Bill Roy podcast. Bill talks with the journal's reporting team about the impact of COVID-19 on several key Kansas industry.





 8th Auggie Navarro Golf Tournament                                   July 23, 2020                     Wichita, KS


NAPE Summer Virtual Expo                                                  August 11-27, 2020

KIOGA Let's Talk About..... Webinar                                      August 17, 2020

NSWA 14th Annual Energy Gala                                            August 28, 2020                OK City, OK

SPE Improved OIl Rec Conf                                                   August 29 - Sept 2, 2020   Tulsa, OK

KGS Shooting Tournament                                                     October 2, 2020                 Belle Plaine, KS

SPE Annual Technical Conf.                                                  October 5-7, 2020              Denver, CO

41st Annual KS Eco Outlook Conf.                                         October 8, 2020                Wichita, KS

Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo                                                       October 15, 2020             OK City, OK

IADC Annual Meeting                                                               November 5-6, 2020      San Antonio, TX

2020 Kansas Water Conf.                                                          November 9-10, 2020    Wichita, KS

IPAA Annual Meeting                                                                 November 11-12, 2020    New Orleans, LA


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