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Our industry faces many challenges. Thanks to KIOGA members, voters and policymakers are learning that the oil and gas industry is working for them, the economy, and the environment. KIOGA advances in the name of the industry pausing only to acknowledge the accomplishments of our members whose support makes our efforts possible.

If you are not a member of KIOGA, we encourageyou to complete our online membership application or print the membership brochure. Through KIOGA you can play a significant role in our efforts to win the political battles in Topeka and Washington and the public relations battle in the court of public opinion. Be a part of the solution. Join us today! Your membership does make a difference and is the reason why we can win!

Membership in KIOGA Gives You:

  • A United Voice in Topeka & Washington
  • Access to Legislative & Business Information
  • A Way to Build Public Understanding

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