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Rising to Meet the Challenges

Posted by Kelly Rains |

Please let me wish each of you and your family a most joyful holiday season and healthy and happy New Year!  Each of you makes a difference every day for our nation’s energy security and economic well-being.  You are a crucial part of what makes this nation function efficiently day to day.  You are amazing!  I am honored and privileged to serve this great industry and this great association.

            Even as energy continues to drive America’s economy, this has been a time of uncertainty for our energy future.  KIOGA’s advocacy for the problems that our industry faces has only gotten more urgent in the wake of the oil price collapse over the last year.  While the drop in oil prices has created a stimulus for some consumers and businesses, tighter margins in the oil and gas industry mean less opportunity for investment and rising unemployment.

            Hanging over the entire landscape is the Obama Administration’s aggressive new regulations on carbon emissions, methane emissions, ozone, waters of the U.S., hydraulic fracturing, Endangered Species Act, and more.  These regulations provide very little if any concomitant benefit and could be an impediment on every component of the American economy, hurting our ability to grow and compete in the global marketplace.

As we have done in the past, your KIOGA team is rising to meet these challenges.  We’ve been leaders in the discussions taking place in Washington and Topeka about key energy policy concerns including tax policy and energy policy.  At the same time, we’re aggressively combating federal regulatory onslaughts with facts and analyses.

            From our beginning in 1937, the Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association (KIOGA) has grown from a small group of producers into the lead state and national advocate for the Kansas independent oil and natural gas industry.  Today, KIOGA is over 4,200 members strong and continues to work alongside other national, state, and regional associations to assure networking opportunities and facilitate the effortless exchange of educational materials and information on our nation’s vital production of oil and natural gas resources. 

            KIOGA’s mission endures today.  Some of our advocacy issues have spanned the years.  We continue to fight for a tax code that encourages domestic oil and natural gas production.  And some of our priorities have recently emerged, such as ending the ban on crude oil exports.

            As you will see in this newsletter, we continue to connect and communicate with key policymakers in Washington and Topeka.  This newsletter also provides an update on our regulatory advocacy efforts.

            We stand at a critical juncture in energy policy decisions for our nation and our state.  We are witnessing dramatic changes in energy policies.  It appears the Obama Administration has made their climate beliefs the key driver for every policy decision.  Such developments have a profound impact on the independent oil and natural gas industry and underscore our need to voice our concerns.

            Going forward in 2016, KIOGA will focus our efforts to highlight the important role oil and natural gas plays in enriching life experiences and enhancing our quality of life.  We have updated and revised many of our fact sheets and reference material with current data that continues to place great emphasis on science-based information.  Our regulatory advocacy efforts will continue to engage federal regulatory over-reach.  We will be informing key policymakers of the key advantages available to our state and nation through increased domestic oil and natural gas production.

            These activities are only possible thanks to the commitment of KIOGA members.  Your support of KIOGA is now even more vital to our future.  The work we have done over the past several years to educate policymakers and the public about our industry has laid a foundation for moving forward.  Our voice is being heard and many key policymakers now look to KIOGA and our colleagues for guidance on sensitive and critical oil and natural gas issues.  We have developed positive and credible relationships with several key policymakers that have not been enjoyed by small independent producers in the past.   I would like to especially thank each and every one of you for your participation and commitment to our association during these challenging times.

            Your support of KIOGA is critical even when oil and natural gas prices are low.  A drop in revenue does not create less federal and state advocacy work.  In fact, it makes it even more important to be in front of key issues and concerns before federal and state legislative bodies, federal and state regulatory agencies, and public forums.

            On behalf of the KIOGA board and voluntary leadership, I thank you for your continued support and involvement.