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KIOGA Let's Talk About.......

Watch our series of webinars
Electric Issues in Kansas
Which way are the "currents" flowing for electric rates?
Drilling down from an oil perspective For slides of presentation, see Electric Issues in Kansas
The Path Forward - Election 2020 and Energy Policy Dynamics
Webinar featuring U.S. Senator Pat Roberts Kansas 1st District Congressman Roer Marshall, M.D. Kansas 4th District Congressman Ron Estes
Kansas Oil & Gas Lease
Important Parts You Need to Know with panelists: featuring Will Boone of Wildcat Resources, Inc, Nathan Jiwanlal of Trans Pacific Corporation, Adam Petz of Grand Mesa Operating Co., and Tyler Turner of Jeter Law Firm.
Helium Opportunities in Kansas | Kansas Strong Update
Jeremy Jordan with IACX Energy will talk abut the unique opportunities for helium in Kansas; followed by Warren Martin with Kansas Strong giving an update of Kansas Strong
Storytelling with Data
Dawn Monroe of Monroe Training discussed how to tell the story of your data analysis with high-impact visuals that connect.
Disposal Wells, Abandoned Wells, and all things KCC
Ken White, White Exploration will discuss disposal wells along with all things KCC