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Please watch the following 30 second videos to learn more about the impact of KIOGA in Kansas.


A service where we provide energy news and quotes from leading energy experts from across the nation. Call 316-269-5464 to listen to the newsline or listen on the link below

The KIOGA Newsline service is a communication tool designed to provide media outlets across Kansas and elsewhere with a readily available source for energy news. The service provides energy news and quotes from leading energy experts from across the nation.  Call 316-269-5464 to listen.


  1. H.J. Swender Jr. American Warrior, talks about the midyear meeting in Garden City, KS April 19-20,21, 2017.  Listen to him tell what is going on.  Listen to his interview



Coming up next - Warren Martin, Executive Director of Kansas Strong will talk about his plans for the future of Kansas Strong. 


Kansas Oil and Gas Resources Fund

The Kansas Oil & Gas Resources Fund (KOGRF) was formed in 2006 to broaden support and help ensure that information about oil and gas in Kansas is industry driven.  KOGRF programs are not advocacy programs, but public information programs designed to increase awareness about the significance and viability of the Kansas oil and gas industry as well as improve its image and credibility.

Learn more about the Kansas Oil & Gas Resources Fund by visiting their website at